Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We Saw the Euro Maus 3 Today

Sugar beet harvest is vastly different from what it used to be. My grandsons and I stopped along Helena Road today to watch the Maus in action. The Euro Maus 3 is a self propelled cleaning and loading machine that is being used to move sugar beets once they have been lifted and piled along the edge of a field.

The machine moves fairly slowly, picking up the beets and moving them through a roller cleaning system and then up on to a conveyor that loads a nearby truck.

The beets are then ready to be taken directly to the plant and are ready for processing. During early harvest, the goal is direct delivery of as many beets as possible, thus avoiding costs of piling and moving the beets.

Max and Finn and I were quite impressed by the robotic nature of this machine. It is a picker upper, a cleaner, and a stacker. Plus, the operator of the machine waved to us when he saw us watching and taking photos.

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