Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Deer Eat Tender Bean Plants

My previous post shows such a sweet sleeping fawn. Well, the baby's mom must be hungry. Just take a look at this once thriving row of green beans.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Fawn

It was a day early in June. Steve Stonecipher, irrigation specialist with Esch Landscaping, was checking the sprinkling system at our lakehouse when he spotted this fawn on the north side of Cedar Bluff.

"Did you see this?" he asked me as I walked the property with him. "The mother must have told this little one to stay put." I dashed into the house to grab a camera, fully expecting that the fawn would be gone by the time I returned. It stayed and here is the result -- snuggled in the grasses and wild strawberries, a spring baby.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Finny and the Zero Turn Mower

Griffin Henry had a new experience on Thursday evening when his Grandpa Ed was out mowing the front lawns at Cedar Bluff. Finn had eaten his supper and was out for a stroller ride with Grandma WJ pushing. We walked north along the bicycle lanes on M-25 and then, when we came back to Cedar Bluff, we pulled into the driveway to watch Zero Turn Lawn Mowin' Grandpa.

Wow! Was Finny interested! In this video he chats a little and watches intently. The video is 1:23 minutes long. The voice talking to Finny is Wanda who also ran the camera.

Here's a wide eyed little boy at his nine month old best -- learning about the big, puzzling world with wonder in his eyes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11th Storm Update

We continue to have thunderstorms come across the Thumb. One hit Bad Axe around 7 pm last night with fury. Lots of wind and pelting rain.

The Sunday storms took out the power at our farm and we're still without electricity there. Ed has called Detroit Edison several times a day and has been told to expect service some time on Friday. Meantime, I'm functioning out of the lakehouse south of Harbor Beach where I can see another storm gathering in the west again this morning.

Most food in the frig and freezer is lost. That's about all. We're lucky to have a second home to use. I had intended to work at my Pigeon office this week, but have nine month old grandson Griffin Henry Clark here with me at the lake. Finny's mom and dad are on vacation. Finn's brother Max is in Bad Axe with Grandpa Don and Grandma joni. So, all the Huron County grandparents are "on duty" this week.

Finny was going to stay at the farmhouse with Ed and me. Not so! We'll have to be lake people this week.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

June 6th Evening Storm

Storms came thru theThumb tonite. We were lucky. There was no significant damage. This storm was a part of a long, sweeping front that spread out across the Midwest.

Looking west northwest along the driveway to Cedar Bluff, here's the front as it approached the east side of the Thumb and was about to pull out across Lake Huron. This storm carried dust in front of it and you can see the thick dustiness along the horizon line in this photo.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stadium Checkers

Here's one for the nostalgia buffs. I found this game at the Port Austin Farmers' Market last Saturday. One of the vendors across from our Graywood Designs booth had lots of old goodies out for sale. We had one of these games as kids and I do remember playing with it quite a few times.

Ed and I tried it out on Sunday and found that we need more marbles to make it challenging. We started with four marbles each (you are supposed to have five) and he got one move ahead of me and beat me. What fun!

The game is by Schaper of Cootie fame and has a 1952 copyright. Made in Minneapolis, it is a series of concentric rings with slots that allow marbles to drop down the "stadium" to the center where they slide out to the feet of the game board. The object is to get all of your marbles into your kitty (in the feet). Fun!

Oh yes. I paid $3 for this little trip back in time.