Friday, April 25, 2008

Governor Granholm visits the Thumb of Michigan

How privileged this area of the Thumb was this week to have the sitting governor of the State of Michigan visit our community? Governor Jennifer Granholm was here on Monday, April 21 for a tour of the Harvest Wind Windfarm, roundtable at Laker Elementary, combined assembly for both Laker Junior and Senior High Schools, and then on to Pigeon for a fundraiser for State Representative Terry Brown of Pigeon.

It was a big day for the Thumb, especially for Pigeon and Elkton, the two towns that saw the most of the Governor's entourage. Our daughter, Liesl Clark, works at the Michigan Deparment of Agriculture and she wrangled a seat on the press bus that accompanied the Governor. My husband Ed and I hung around the hallways at Laker Elementary along with Liesl's good friend, Danielle. We got to meet many of her work colleagues and some of the reporters whom we see on shows like "Off The Record."

I got to meet and chat with Rick Pluhta. Cool! We met Liz Boyd, the guv's press secretary. Also cool! I told Liz that I read the emails from the Governor's office regularly. I signed up on the state website and appreciate keeping up with the happenings (well, maybe not the really insider stuff!) through these regular emails. The Governor's office sends out an email every time the flags are lowered in the state to honor a fallen Michgan soldier. Those emails I read carefully and take time to pause and remember.

So anyway, here is a photo of the Governor walking from Laker Elementary over to the High School. You can see the Laker windmills in the background. The woman on the right is Liz. I've also included a photo of some of the acrostics that Laker students made for the event. The one I've included was written by Emily Hoepner, one of our little second cousins.