Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Every Day The Same

In some ways this view never changes. The horizon stays level. The sky is up. The water is wide.

Yet everyday there is a new aspect to this eastern view. This morning there was a northern cloud that moved like a wedge and streaked the sky with navy and ultramarine. For a moment, captured in this image, the sunrise was a golden warmth that spread across the marbled surface of Lake Huron.

Still, the water was wide and the sky was up. But it all signaled a brand new day.

How can anything that stays so much the same still be new every morning? This question is one of those timeless questions that go unanswered. It is a paradox to live with, this sameness and newness, all wrapped up in a moment before the rising of the sun.

Every day is the same, yet each day is filled with new promise and possibility. When you think about it too hard. . . Well, maybe the best part is the warmth of the sun and a new day. That's enough.

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