Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Garden Cleanup

I picked another full basket of eggplant and peppers today, even as we pulled and dug the plants and vines from the garden. The frost that tinged the garden last week didn't touch some of the larger plants. Ed and I cleared away tomato vines, peppers, eggplants, squash vines, and the morning glory tower. Then Ed tilled the whole garden, leaving behind the kale and basil (still growing a tad bit) and raspberries, of course. Next spring I'm going to plan for more autumn crops since we appear to have a micro climate here along Lake Huron.

A woolly caterpillar was making his way across the lawn when I walked to the compost pile. Just after this image was taken, he rolled into a fuzz ball, frightened into a protective mode.

The ginkgo grove is golden green. I have every intention of filling the Treegators just one more time. Notice how long the shadows are. I'm looking north and this photo was taken midday, so those shadows form the long arms of winter light from the sun staying low in the sky. I count about seven plus weeks until winter solstice, so the long shadows are just beginning. It's good that Daylight Time ends this weekend. The shift in light will be welcome.

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