Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some Years Ago

We had such a good time, some years ago, at Pigeon River Mercantile & Wool Co., the quilt shop that I owned on Main Street in Pigeon, Michigan for almost ten years.

With my mother-in-law Pauline Eichler's death this week, our family has a renewed interest in the photos that are tucked in closets. Here's one from a box that includes lots of quilt pictures from the 1990's.

That's Pauline in the center background. Millie Schuette is on the left and so is Jill Harmon. Pat Smith is the center of attention. She is demonstrating the art of Norwegian hardanger, a form of embroidery that uses pearl cotton and cutwork.

Pat is a master at needlework and hardanger is one of her specialties.

Here's closer look at a complete piece that allows you to see the cutwork and the delicacy of the stitching.

We had a good time at The Mercantile, learning various forms of needlework, even though the focus of the business was on quilting and sewing.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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