Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boys Who Draw

Somewhere along the way in my art education I learned how to take the word "boy," print it in big block lower case letters, and turn it into a cartoon sketch that resembles a boy. I like showing this simple connect-the-lines process to kids. Their brains figure out the hairline and the chin that emerge from the "Y" and then they add the nose and mouth. The cartoon boy soon emerges from the printed word.

At Uncle Peter's birthday party on Friday night, the tables were topped with big sheets of white paper, just perfect for drawing. Quinn and Finn watched me demonstrate the cartoon boy and then Quinn put his head down and was in the creative zone as he drew three boys with great concentration.

Peter, Quinn, Finn, Clay

His cartoon boys are superb. Well done, Quinn. If you were in Mr. Harmon's fourth grade class, we might be giving you a new last name, like "Quinn Whistler" or "Quinn Picasso" or "Quinn Pollack." I know that Uncle Clay and Uncle Peter are very, very proud of you and Finn.

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