Sunday, December 21, 2008

Crossing The Big Mac Bridge

We crossed the Mackinac Bridge in very limited visibility last Wednesday on our way to visit my father in Wisconsin. This video gives you an idea of what winter driving is like in Michigan this year and, of course, there is the added drama of being on the Bridge in December's risky weather.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Snow Report and The Flu

It's late Monday night and we're watching Letterman. The big snow has started. It's been snowing gently since about 9 pm. Weather reports vary in forecasts. Some say 2-4; others are forecasting up to 12 inches. We'll see.

Ed and I are finally coming out from under the flu cloud that set in last week. Ed came down with the fever and aches a week ago Sunday. I followed by Tuesday. Last week almost feels like a blurr. We both tried to keep doing what absolutely needed to be done, but also just stayed home as much as possible.

So, take caution. This is nasty stuff this year. We fought it off with good food, movies, Mucinex and Tylenol. Oh, and rest.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had such a good time on Thanksgiving Day at Will and Wendy's new home in Washington, Michigan. Here's Wendy, caught before the feast was served, in their new kitchen.

Griffin Henry travelled back to Cedar Bluff with Grandpa Ed and Grandma WJ for a one day/two night stay at the lake with us. He enjoyed having Creative Railway all to himself and, as you can see, fell asleep on the journey across the county to exchange the lawn mower for the John Deere Gator with the snow blade. Isn't Finny cute in his green shirt that matches the Gator?

Ed is under the weather with a nasty upper respiratory thing as of Monday, Dec. 1. Quite a few people have had that bug and we're hoping to not pass it on. Our side of Michigan had a winter storm watch out last night -- 4-10 inches is what the National Weather Service was calling for. Well, we can still see the grass this morning.

Schools are closed or delayed, though, since the temps are hovering at freezing. Wet roads turn treacherous fast in these kind of weather conditions.

Hey, how did it get to be December? Anybody have an answer to that age old question!