Monday, July 13, 2009

Fourth of July at Lake Auburn

What a great time we had at Patrick and Mary Beth's wonderful cottage on Lake Auburn! Everyone enjoyed the good food and even better company of a family that loves getting together. We marveled at Merlene's Fourth of July cake -- not a speck nor crumb was left once the cake was cut! Howard would be so proud of Mer's fine culinary skills.

Aunt Nieta Hayes and Grandpa Stan Hayes and Grandma Nan Mullen gave us all a lesson in how to enjoy life well into our nineties. It was so good to see each of them, especially Nan who is recovering from a nasty stroke and looks as beautiful as ever. We marvel at Nieta's spryness and were encouraged to hear that Stan's cataract surgery was successful and he is seeing better than ever.

Here's a photo of Max Clark with the famous "Cake For The Fourth" made by Merlene Hayes. Max's wet hair and his "Life is Good" smile capture some of the sweetness of the Fourth and the joy of a day spent with family and friends. How humbling it is to be U.S. citizens with the freedom to celebrate Fourth of July (and the freedom to enjoy fireworks!) God Bless the USA!