Thursday, October 24, 2013

Late October Ginkgo Report

The three trees in the ginkgo grove are yellowing but their leaves have not begun to drop. Since there finally was a killing frost last night (October 23 -- first killing frost of 2013 at Cedar Bluff) it is probably time to unzip the Treegator watering bags and put them away for the season.

I've been collecting hoses and getting them ready for winter storage in the basement. All of the squash are cured and stored on a plywood board, up and off the basement floor.  I picked a few eggplants today, probably the last of the season.

The fan shaped leaves form a lacy pattern against the straight branches of the trees. Green still tinges the base of the leaves as the chlorophyll fades from the leaves. There were a few moments of raindrops with icy tinges when I walked in the grove today. A cold rain would probably loosen the leaves in an hour or two.

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