Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Golfing Again -- Second Season Report

Golfing with the Bird Creek Ladies' League ended last night with our fun night and banquet. The dinner was great. Cheryl Peyrek capped off her cooking with cream puffs for dessert. They were so good!

I've had a less than stellar year on the golf course. For family and other reasons, I missed at least five of the 16 evenings of golf. I hadn't learned the term "whiff" until this year. A whiff is when you swing and totally miss the ball. I did lots of that last year but nobody called me on it. This year I was summarily told that "those whiffs count" and added them to my scores as strokes.

So the scores didn't look like anything, I thought.

I did have my best score ever. I did make a true birdie on Hole #11. It was a great birdie (aren't they all great?)! I used my driver to hit the green and then had a medium length putt for the birdie. Too cool!

Anyway I wasn't expecting anything at last night's banquet. Still when Diane Koglin, crackerjack golfer and president of the league, looked over at me when she started announcing the "Most Improved" award for the year I knew that my name was on the list. Sure enough, I came in at the top again with a 1.8 stroke impovement in my handicap. Cool! That's enough to get me back on the course this fall and into league again next summer.

So, Bird Creek ladies, I just might play in your annual invitational next summer. That would be a brave step for this timid golfer who at least learned about whiffs this summer!