Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ginkgo Update

The ginkgo trees at Cedar Bluff are showing a bit of their green gold color this week. I haven't filled the Treegators since last week since the rain gauge recorded almost two inches of rain in four days in early October. If there isn't much rain today, then I'll fill them one more time.

Joanne Sturm says that the ginkgo trees on their farm lose their leaves all at once, and that the leaves fall in a golden circle around the tree. How enchanting! I'm watching for the circles of gold around these trees.

Here's a close up shot of the leaves. Notice how pock marked they are from the hailstorm on August 1st. The leaves are small, but so are the trees. Someday my grandchildren will look up into the tall tops of these three trees and wonder about their grandparents and the ginkgo trees at Cedar Bluff.

By the way, I have to stop and think about how to spell "ginkgo" every time I type the word. Thank heaven for spell check!

Ginkgo Grove

Ginkgoes Along Grand River

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