Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Painterly Turbines

A big sugar beet hauler was barreling down behind me when I drove west on Richardson Road yesterday morning. There were blue sucker holes in the clouds, those kind of spaces that tempt pilots of small aircraft to get above the clouds when they know better.

I pulled over and waited for the beet truck. Then I snapped a bunch of photos of the white turbines against the fall storm sky. Back at the ranch, using my trusty Photoshop, I figured that a watercolor filter would take the turbines to a more painterly place.

The October winds have turned cold. There is talk of snow this week, but my lakeside garden has yet to have experienced a hard freezer. These low, late fall clouds are harbingers of the cold weather ahead. The garden just hasn't heard the news that winter is coming. Not yet.

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