Monday, October 28, 2013

Chevy Volt Approaches 45,000 Mile Mark

Packing up after another football weekend
My Chevy Volt will soon be at the 45,000 mile mark. The Volt has taken us on lots of football weekend jaunts to East Lansing to follow the Spartan Marching Band and the MSU Spartans this fall.

I receive a monthly diagnostics email from Chevrolet that gives stats for the Volt. Here are some of the stats from an email received today.

Fuel economy: 58 mpg
Electric consumption: 33 kW-hr/100 miles

Electric Miles: 839
Gas Miles : 1729

Total Miles: 2,568
Percentage on Electric: 33%

Estimated Gallons of Fuel Saved: 67 gallons
Estimated CO2 Avoided: 1,306 lbs

I would guess that someone has walked up to us about three times in the last month just to ask how we like the car. I try not to let that conversation get too long, but I am really, really pleased with the performance of my Chevy Volt.

Today I realized that I haven't kept the "CO2 Avoided" figure in my head. That number in today's email -- 1306 pounds for the last month -- is amazing. That's over half a ton of junk NOT put into the air. Considering what the photos of Harbin, China, the city that has been in the news because of thick smog, look like, the realization that these PEVs (plug in electric vehicles) are taking some of the pollution out of the air is encouraging.

Needless to say, the Volt is a pretty incredible car.

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