Monday, October 7, 2013

Artwork: White Rock School Mug

Huron County's oldest schoolhouse, White Rock School, was built in 1909, 28 years after the Fire of 1881 swept across Michigan's Thumb. Ed and I collect mugs and this White Rock School mug is from the centennial year of the schoolhouse.

Now I must be clear about the mugs that we collect. Some are tucked away, mostly because we ended up not liking the way that the mug delivers our morning coffee. Either the handle is too high or too low, or the lip is awkwardly curved, or there is some design flaw.

We like the White Rock mugs and so they get used a lot, to the point that when I hauled them to the annual school picnic in August, my neighbor, Sheila Eddy, fine alumnus of the school, reminded me that my mugs were getting faded from the dishwasher.

"Girl, those mugs are collector's items," she told me. I took Sheila's reminder seriously and promptly did this pen and ink and water color sketch of a mug for my art journal.

Now I can use the mugs and still have them close to my heart, which is where White Rock School, now restored and used as a museum, will always be for Sheila and so many of her schoolmates who attended this historic school.

Copyright 2013
Wanda Hayes Eichler

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