Friday, October 18, 2013

Mad Squirrel Bombers

Liesl and John have several mad squirrel bombers living in their black walnut trees. The Squirrel Bombing Corps keeps the back yard clear of any intruders.

Walk under the walnut trees while Airman First Class Squirrel is busy carrying a nut and you will stand a good chance of being beaned in the head with yet another green shelled walnut. Walnuts tumble into the grass and lie on the driveway. John has been known to offer up to three dollars U. S. to anyone willing to pick up a five gallon pail of fresh walnuts. He empties his wallet frequently to certain boys named Max and Finn.

The Squirrel Corps is charged by natural selection and their innate squirellness with emptying all of the black walnuts from every treetop. Judging by the look of the trees last weekend, they have a long way to go.

Bombs away!

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