Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pete's Birthday

Peter has a birthday today and I trolled through the photos on my hard drive, looking for something that would ring his chimes. I found this photo from December of 2006. Ed and I drove down to East Lansing with two sergers and some sewing supplies. Peter pulled together a sewing day at Dem Hall for the State of Art Winterguard unit that he and Orlando Suttles were directing.

There were lots of happy faces as those flags got finished that day. As I remember, the project went on and on through the holidays and finally came back to my studio in Pigeon where Danielle Damen finished them.

But here we all are, happy as clams in cold Dem Hall in December, getting ready for another performing season. I'm in the back row on the left. Then comes Peter, then Orlando. I'm not sure who is between Orlando and Ed, who is on the far right. The fifteen guard members in the front were the big workers that day as they learned how to rotary cut slippery flag fabric and run sergers.

What is serendipitous about this photo is that it is before Clay and Peter met (I think), and, with Orlando's untimely death this past summer, it reminds us of how the little moments in life make for really good times. 

One of the joys of getting older is seeing your children become adults. In my case, I can say that my kids turned into wonderful adults. I say that with all humility since there are so many corners that get turned as you raise a family. We made it through many of those difficult times, thanks to luck and blessing.

Happy birthday, Peter. I'm proud to be your MOM.

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