Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oh Captain, My Captain

This Chicken Guy is named Captain and he rules the roost over at Annette Weidman Renn's chicken place north of Pigeon.

Annette helped me out earlier this fall with a Grand Hunt For Teasels. I will write a blog post about that venture sometime in the near future.

Because of Annette's generosity and sweet spirit, I felt like I owed her something special. She posted this photo of Captain on Facebook and I absolutely adored the somewhat fierce, cockeyed look that she captured on her rooster friend.

Out came my trusty art supplies and Captain became the model for a journal sketch.

I think he's much fiercer in the photograph, but I did have a good time trying to capture his eyes, feathers, and all of the chickeny wattle.

Thanks for your help with the Teasels, Annette.

Onward and upward.

Copyright 2013
Wanda Hayes Eichler

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