Thursday, September 11, 2014

Around The Thumb -- Three

Ice cream! You can't do a summer road trip without ice cream and we are big fans of Rybak's in Grindstone City. Heading east on M-25 about five miles out of Port Austin, turn north onto Rouse Road and look for the ice cream place. Rybak's is located on the west side of the road in a restored store front with a big front porch for sitting and eating cones.

I like to stop at Rybak's after summer golf at Bird Creek Golf club south of Port Austin. Here's my theory. If I have met all of my all my golfing goals (putting under 20 putts per nine holes, no tens, handicap score 40 or under), I figure that I can reward myself with a cone. AND I like to have a cone to console myself when I don't meet my goals. The ice cream people win, no matter what.

The Pte. Aux Barques Lighthouse, north of Port Hope and south of Grindstone, draws a lot of visitors during the summer. On the day of our drive we sashayed around the grounds late in the afternoon, took a few photos, and then kept on going. It's a pleasant spot that is loaded with history that is easily digested.

Grandson Finn and I explored the museum and the lighthouse grounds in mid-July. Finn liked the fresnel light and we both looked at the exhibits with curiosity and questions. It's a little museum with a big impact -- don't miss it when you drive the east shore of Huron County.

Around The Thumb -- Four: Harbor Beach and Huron Line Road on the east side

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