Monday, September 8, 2014

Around the Thumb -- One

Sometimes you just have to do a little road trip. That's what Ed and I decided late in the morning one Saturday in August. It was too late to drive to Ontario to see the windfarms near Goderich, another trip that we like, so we decided to drive all of the Huron County shoreline.

We started out from our lake house in the early afternoon with the idea of having a late lunch at Lefty's Drive In in Bay Port. So we drove Atwater and Sebewaing Roads across the county to M-25 in Sebewaing where we turned south. Tummies growling, we headed toward Unionville and did a U turn. We had to make the full loop around the county, so we touched base at Huron Line Road, just north of Unionville which is in Tuscola County.

Sugar beet piling rig at the Michigan Sugar plant in Sebewaing
That turn put us back on the roads heading north through Sebewaing. We drove the back road (Liken Road) into Sebewaing and out of Sebewaing (Ridge to Weale) and then continued on up M-25 through Bay Port.

Our destination and first stop was Lefty's where I ordered a burger and onion rings, the best onion rings of the summer. Lefty's Drive In is on the curve heading north out of Bay Port on M-25. The buildings have a retro aqua paint job (same colors they have always had) so you can't miss this stop.

Tomorrow: Through Caseville, after the Cheesey Time

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