Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Around The Thumb -- Two

From Bay Port we headed up the shoreline to Caseville where it was the week after Caseville's big Cheeseburger festival. The streets were busy, but not as crowded as during festival time in early August. The steeple at Caseville United Methodist church, a distinctive landmark, stands tall and still guides small craft into the harbor. We didn't drive out to the beach along Saginaw Bay. It is a gem, with sandy shore and park facilities and a Dairy Queen close by.

Lots of parks, from two state parks to county parks with camping to roadside parks, are located along M-25 on the Saginaw Bay side. We pulled off at Jenks Park, a day use roadside park with wooded roads and a sandy beach. A stroll to the beach brought us within sight of Lake Huron's soothing waters.

It was late afternoon by the time we reached Port Austin at the top of the Thumb. Their famous Saturday Farmer's Market draws huge crowds on Saturday mornings. Restaurants and yet another harbor draw tourists and weekend visitors. Because Huron County is so far off the beaten path (we are a long way from an interstate!) we always like to say that people are not "just passing through," but have made a conscious decision to visit the county.

A layer of low clouds hung over the lake. You can see the scuddy clouds in this photo of the boardwalk at Bird Creek County Park, another great place to spend some time along Lake Huron. Temperatures along the shoreline are usually five to ten degrees lower than inland as the huge body of water has a cooling effect during the summer.

From Port Austin, M-25 crosses the top of the Thumb and actually runs east and west for a few miles. Then the road turns south and east along Lake Huron.

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