Monday, September 22, 2014

CCC (Cool Custom Card)

I grabbed this image of a hummingbird which I posted to the blog last week and, with some fiddling around, uploaded it to the credit card site that I use.

So here is an approximation of what the credit card would look like with my customized photo, fully approved by the folks at Cap One and Visa.

It could be my CCC -- cool custom card.

And, no, I did not give those folks the right to distribute this image on their website. I maintain the copyright. Interestingly enough, the rules (lots of fine print) for what you cannot upload to use on a custom credit card run the gamut. No flag images. (They have lots to choose from.) No art. (That's someone's lawful work.) And more stuff like that. Once I got through the list, I realized that this image might work.

The image came through with links to share it to Facebook and Twitter and the like. Guess I'm advertising for two companies in this post. Oh well. Onward and upward.

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