Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happenstance Grasshopper

By happenstance and in my effort to keep fresh daylilies on the dining room table, I brought a grasshopper into the kitchen today. Clinging to an unopened bud, this green guy was ready to explore.

Check out the ends of the legs, with a pincer type structure that must allow him to latch onto surfaces. He used his long antennae to check out a surface before he moved. One antenna, then another, would sweep over an area and check it out. Then he would move. He hopped to the top of the kitchen cupboards, so I went to the garage and got out a pond net that our grandchildren use to catch minnows and assorted critters.

He was easy to catch in the pond net, so I moved him to a clump of parsley, just outside the kitchen window. In a jump, he was gone.

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