Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Looking For Pirates

Grandson Finn and I headed up the eastern side of Huron County to have a bit of an adventure today. Hoping to get in a bit of outdoor art, we took along camp chairs and our sketching supplies. First stop was in Harbor Beach where we walked Trescott Street Pier and tried out the new playground equipment in Lincoln Park.

We stopped at the Subway and picked up something to eat for lunch. I figured that we could find a picnic table at one of the parks, eat lunch, and then spread out our sketchbooks and pencils for awhile.

The weather did not cooperate. After two rain showers and a lot of wind, we realized that maybe it was not a "sit out in the open air and draw" kind of day. So we changed our plans to include a visit to the museum at the lighthouse and then calculated how many miles it was to the nearest ice cream store.

Finn wanted to climb the Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse, but the stairway is only open on weekends. "Gee, Finn, climb the steps and look out the window and I will take your picture," I said. That's how we came up with this "looking for pirates" photo.

So we had a great day together, exploring in Huron County. We didn't find any pirates, but we did come up with fresh beets from the garden for supper. And there was homemade mac and cheese to top off the day. Not bad for a boy and a grandmother.

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