Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Missing Batting

The seat cushion on this red bench used to have batting in it. But some critter decided that the batting belonged elsewhere and now all that is left is shredded fabric remains of a once stylish red striped cushion.

Part of the mystery of who or what stole the batting might be solved if we had some idea how these holes got into the sides of this Treegator. You will recall that I use Treegators, stiff watering sacks that zip around a tree and release water in a drip irrigation method, to water new trees.

We had removed two of the Treegators after the recent rains (my garden rain gauge shows over 4 inches in the last two weeks) and still needed to pull this one in from the woodland area. Well, that effort came too late. Some critter (the batting thief?) chewed holes in the sides of the Treegator and has rendered it almost unusable.

It's a critter mystery. Has the batting become a lining for a nest of racoons? Would a woodchuck be so crazy as to think that there might be something good to eat inside a Treegator?

Who knows!

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