Sunday, July 7, 2013

At Rybak's Ice Cream Store

Ice cream is the greatest. Miss Val sacrificed some serious time with her pacifier (notice how it is hanging, neglected, in this photo) to put in some quality ice cream time.

We visited Rybak's Ice Cream Store in Grindstone City this weekend and found their cones to be quite satisfactory. Located in a vintage two story building that was built in 1884, Rybak's is a new addition to the many places in Huron County that sell ice cream.

Val tried out the chocolate. It took her the better part of a half hour to get to the bottom of the cone, but it was waffle-y wonderful in her toddler world.

Big sis Hannah dug right into her cone. The painted church pews on the front porch are a great place to enjoy a cone and soak up the summer atmosphere in Huron County.

Rybak's Ice Cream Store is located about one mile north of M-25 on Rouse Road. Take M-25 east out of Port Austin for about six miles and turn north on Rouse.

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