Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Hummingbirds

"Just keep the nectar in their feeders and they will keep coming until frost," said Cheryl up at Bay View Inn in Epoufette. Cheryl and her husband have hummingbird feeders outside their Upper Peninsula restaurant that overlooks Lake Michigan and the Straits of Mackinac. Bay View Inn is a favorite breakfast stop for us when we cross the UP on our drives to Wisconsin. Chatting with her last week, I asked about why the little birds were still swarming around the feeders.

Here in Huron County, my little birds are usually gone by Labor Day. But this summer, I have been changing the nectar every other day. I make each batch up fresh, a little at a time, in the microwave. I have two feeders that I alternate, and I scrub out the feeders with hot, soapy water every time that I change the syrup.

Apparently that strategy has worked this summer. This little bird appear every morning like clockwork, usually before eight, and perches on the hook that holds the feeder. Several nights ago, I counted three hummingbirds flitting and fluttering near the mudroom door.

I know that these little creatures will head south soon, but it is a joy to watch them this September.


  1. I am so jealous! We've been getting a hummer maybe every three days. In fact, I was about to ask you if you were still getting them at your feeders. Okay, so now I'm inspired. I'll clean out the feeder and put in some fresh food.

  2. I use a Pyrex measuring glass to make the nectar. One cup of water to 1/2 cup sugar. Swirl the sugar in the water to start the dissolving. Heat and stir. Set on counter to cool. Into the feeder. Didn't see this little one this morning. It seems like they fly slower with the cooler days.

  3. Forgot to say that I put the Pyrex in the microwave. Next summer I'm going to keep track of how much sugar I use. I would estimate maybe we have used 15 pounds of sugar this summer?