Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Last Rose of Summer 2014

Fall blossoms on the Mary rose at Cedar Bluff -- Mid September 2014

Things were tough for my roses this year.

First there was an exceedingly cold, hard winter. Then spring was cold. I pruned the roses extensively and they responded to the warmth of June with lots of growth.

With warmer weather the spider mites hit. I sprayed several times, but just could not get ahead of those little buggers. Still, the Dortmund roses along the split rail fence, the roses named for my sisters, blossomed marvelously.

In reading about Dortmund roses, I came across the notion that these roses will bloom again in the fall if the spent blooms are pruned away. So I pruned and watched for the deep red leaves that indicate new growth on most roses.

Sure enough, several of the Dortmunds are in bloom this fall. Not big blossoms and not a lot of flowers, just little buds and blooms that for now are probably going to be the last roses of this summer.

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