Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Month Is Whacked

I had great plans for my bike riding this month. The goal was 62 miles, two per day. 

Well, the month is whacked and so is that goal. So, tomorrow becomes the reset day when I roll out the goal again and get riding. 

Life is like that. You hit a goal; you miss a goal. It's a little like the game of golf where there is always another hole and another day. 

Last night, at my knitting group, one knitter proclaimed how lucky we are to be able to do even mundane tasks. "I think of that when I'm doing something so routine that I wonder why I even bother," she said. "But then I remember to be grateful for the strength and agility to clean windows or sweep a floor." 

On the eve of another month, I can celebrate the whacked goal and my sixties-plus agility. So I set the goal again.  62 miles in August. Here goes. 

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