Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Garden Report I

The garden at the shoreline is coming along just fine. Marketmore cucumbers, planted from seed and surrounded by black plastic, are getting their true leaves. I thinned the number of plants back so there are about 5-7 plants per hill.

We're growing sweet potatoes as a trial this year. They are also surrounded by black plastic mulch that keeps the weeds down and heats up the soil. The sweet potato plants are really taking off this week.

There are at least five different types of greens in this year's garden. Here's the kale, nicely up, and already large enough to top a frittata with kale and feta cheese. Other greens that are in the garden are Little Cos Romaine, Jericho Romaine, Burpee spinach, red leaf lettuce, and herbs like dill and basil. 

A lot of this year's garden was planted from seeds and, so far, only one packet of seed, one that was dated 2009, refused to germinate. 

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