Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Old Camp Shirt

I pulled my old corduroy camp shirt from the back of the closet over the weekend. Decorated with a mosquito, a moose, poison ivy, a loon, and other north woods images, the shirt is a fun reminder of summers past when we would go camping.

The designs are from a quilting pattern that I liked way back when. Each image is cut from cotton fabric and fused onto the purchased corduroy shirt. Then I took pearl cotton and stitched around the shapes. Some of them have beads and silk ribbon embroidery that complete the figure.

I made the mosquito big and buggy-eyed. Mosquitoes, as everyone knows, are the absolute scourge of camping. It seems as if we were always reaching for bug spray during our several camping trips in the Upper Peninsula, Canada, and Wisconsin.

I'll probably pull on the camp shirt for a few campfires this summer. Since it is the end of July already, it feels like a campfire would be a good idea before fall and football and really cool weather set in.

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