Monday, July 28, 2014

Troubled Skies

Skies across the Thumb were troubled on Sunday afternoon as storms swept across Michigan. This view, taken on Richardson Road east of Pigeon, gives a glimpse of the cells that populated the weather maps, producing thunderstorm and tornado watches and warnings throughout much of lower Michigan.

Another image, this one looking west along the railroad that runs through downtown Pigeon, shows swirls and curves and wisps that may be beautiful, but the resultant winds are damaging. Even tonight, many in the Detroit area are without power yet.

Here's what the Weatherbug app on an IPhone was showing right about the time that these photos were taken. It's sort of a tie-dye weather pattern with many scattered cells. I've learned to respect those red and orange patches on weather maps. The cells are strongest there, with driving rain and hail sometimes.

Last year's August 1st Hailstorm

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