Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Snakes Alive

I always enjoyed teaching poetry when I taught eighth grade many moons ago. Poetry, often described as capturing a moment in time, is very much like photography. With poetry, you use words to bring a feeling or a distinct observation to mind. With photography, the image tells the story.

These images, captured within a moment of each other, tell a snake story. Our grandkids, all four of them, found a snake near the foundation of the house. Snakes have been plentiful this year, Most of the ones that we are seeing are garter snakes that are about 24 inches long and the kids have been captivated by the snakes.

This snake got away quickly, but not too fast. The kids found it, and then came this next image.

All four junior naturalists are concentrated on one slithery snake. Their gazes are fixed in one place. Heads bowed, knees bent, brains all in concert, they were fascinated by the snake.

What a poetic moment in time, captured on a camera.

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