Friday, July 18, 2014

I'm Such A Salad Snob

I've been such a salad snob. But it is time for me to reform and to beg forgiveness from my salad dressing bottle loving friends.

"I make my own dressing," I proclaimed several times in the last week as my company, looking for a tasty topping for garden salads, rummaged through the frig. I have even posted my favorite go-to dressing recipe, Maple Mustard Vinaigrette, on this blog.

Well, I am officially apologizing for being such a snob. I even bought a commercial Caesar dressing yesterday and topped today's lunch salad with that dressing. The salad started in my garden when I picked leaves of Bloomsdale spinach and Little Cos romaine. I added some kale leaves. I washed those up and spun them in the salad spinner thingie.

Then I topped the greens with cooked beets (from the garden, leftovers from supper two nights ago), cherry tomatoes, and smoked salmon. With a vegetable peeler, I added strips of romano cheese and then, yes, then topped the entire plate with the PURCHASED Caesar dressing.

A couple of toast strips accented the plate and I ate the whole thing. Quickly. Scrumptiously. Mmmm.

Now my frig has three bottles of prepared dressing -- a red French (Marzetti's, I think); Kraft Catalina (grandson Finn says that his brother doesn't eat anything that says Kraft on it); and the organic Caesar, which, by the way, has a list of ingredients a mile long, but lots of them are organic.

Now I'm thinking that a bit of grilled chicken would be great with the umpteen million ingredient Caesar dressing, or maybe some grilled shrimp.

Still sounds snobby, doesn't it? It's hard to teach an old salad snob new tricks.

Note: This blog post is being written while I am finishing Finn's Cheetos curly thingies from last Tuesday's Subway lunch. So much for food discrimination. Onward and upward.

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