Monday, June 30, 2014

June Reflections

One of the really fun things about writing a blog (or a newspaper column, as I used to do) is looking back to see what you wrote in previous years. I took a few moments today to look back at the last three years of posts from June 30th.

In 2011, U.S. soldiers were still getting killed in Iraq and I wrote about the death of a young medic, Army Pfc.Brian Backus, a son of Harbor Beach, and what that seemed like to honor a fallen hero right before the Fourth of July.  June 30, 2011 -- Before The Fourth of July

Two of my planter boxes were the focus of the 2012 blog post for June 30th. We had traveled in Great Britain that spring and I was inspired by all of the garden pots that I saw in England.  June 30, 2012 -- British Boxwoods

Our grandkids have been regular visitors to our lake house during the month of June and in 2013 there were ice cream cones and lots of fun times to write about.  June 30, 2013 -- Grandpa's Waffle Cone

I can characterize June 2014, for me, as the time of geraniums and sunrises. And, most of all, after the dreadful cold winter, June has been the month of welcoming back the warm days of summer.

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