Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Long Summer Days

I try to keep track of the times for sunrise and sunset in my daily art journal. A lot of the weather apps on mobile phones show those times routinely. Right now, at the end of June, the sun comes up before 6 am and goes down after 9 pm, making the days extremely long. All of that light is what makes things grow so fast in late June. Beans that were just showing on Monday have four leaves by Wednesday. The cut-and-come-again lettuce seems to always need cutting. It's a vibrant time of the year.

I always find that I get really tired this time of the year, too. I attempt to do way too much. With long days I figure that I should be able to get something done before breakfast and after supper. So I'm painting in my art journal before 7 am, working on my website in the morning, doing correspondence in the afternoon, and then weeding a garden bed at 8 pm.

Even long summer days require lazy time for a good book or watching a baseball game. As a matter of fact, that might be the best thing about summer days, that there is time for some lazy moments.

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