Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Garden Tool Du Jour

That's my garden tool du jour, tool of the day, lying right there beside the leek sets in the garden. I crawled along the rows last night and used that tool to punch holes in the soft, willing soil as I tucked plants in place.

Kind of a sawed-off shotgun approach to a tool, this is a Chicago Cutlery knife that lost the end of the blade and has moved from kitchen drawer to garden tool basket. My mother had a similar chopped off butcher knife (big knives were always butcher knives when I was growing up, not chef's knives like they are now) that she used for potting plants and in the garden.

Guess I'm sort of a chip off the old block, taking after my Mom, as I knife my way through a week of planting garden rows and porch pots.

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