Thursday, June 12, 2014

Double Charge Chevy Volt Day

I made a trip to the city today, a run that was over two hundred miles round trip. My errands took me to a location where there is a Detroit Edison sponsored public charging station for plug in electric vehicles (PEVs) like my Chevy Volt. 

So today's mileage was double charged -- once at home, the overnight miles that I get when I plug in at night, and again in the city, at a PEV charging station. 

You can see the MPG for the trip, over 66 miles per gallon, thanks to over 80 miles driven on the Volt's lithium ion battery. The low fuel warning (it came on at about 42 miles left) kicked in just as I turned in my driveway. But, tomorrow that low fuel warning will be gone as about 9.8 kilowatt hours of electricity will give the Volt another 39 plus miles of range. 

Volt drivers will be quick to spot the fact that I drove my Volt in sport mode for this trip. I like the quick pickup and driving ease that sport mode gives, especially at expressway speeds. 

You are reading it here and you are reading this again. I still love my Chevy Volt and a day of driving like today certainly underscores my admiration for this remarkable "Made in Michigan" car. 

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