Thursday, June 19, 2014

Album: June on Mackinac Island

Fog surrounds the Little Stone Church on Grand Avenue. With the surrounding waters of the Straits still so cold, fog is a common occurrence on Mackinac Island in June.

Bicycles lined up in a bike rack, an old cannon at the base of Fort Hill, and the Governor's Mansion in the distance all add up to a day on Mackinac. From bicycling, to an historic fort, to beautiful old buildings, Mackinac has lots of offer visitors.

The very late spring throughout the Great Lakes states this year means that the lilacs are still blooming on Mackinac Island. Imagine hundreds of lilacs, some shrubs and some tree sized, scattered throughout the residential areas, on the golf courses, and along the shoreline. Mackinac Island sparkles with the romance of old fashioned lilacs.

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  1. Some of the lilac bushes and almost trees are more than 400 yrs old. The lilacs were brought there by the French.