Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Geranium Journal Page

My brain is definitely leaning toward geraniums this week, as evidenced by this journal page. The photo in yesterday's post, Fragile Geranium, is from the same collection of plants that this sketch is taken from.

The sketch shows how leggy the stems get when the plants are held over winter. After putting the winter weary plants outside, I break off the old leaves when new ones appear. My old plants have a bonsai like character to their shape, something that I like very much, so I nurture geraniums all winter, just for the sake of having a touch of color during the coldest months.

Once they begin to show new leaves, I mix up a mild brew (usually half strength or less) of Miracle Gro liquid fertilizer and water them once a week with "go juice." I'm not a big advocate of chemical fertilizers, except when it comes to flowering plants. Then the sprinkling cans of water and tiny amounts of 12-4-8 seem to do the trick.

Here's another geranium post that I like, Last Summer's Geraniums, from June 4, 2011.

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