Wednesday, May 28, 2014

They Are Back

A tiny hummingbird was sitting on the shepherd's crook outside my kitchen window yesterday afternoon. The little creature caught me short. The red plastic feeders were in the basement. There wasn't a teaspoon of white sugar in the pantry. Yet, there he was, waiting for dessert.

I bustled to the grocery and picked up two sacks of sugar. I make up nectar fresh -- two cups of filtered water to one cup of sugar, boiled and then cooled -- about every 2-3 days when the hummingbirds are active.

This morning I put the first feeder in place and began weeding the garden beds around it. Within an hour, three hummingbirds were soaring and dipping and stopping to drink the clear sugar water that they love. It's good to know that they are back.

Considering that I'm still tired from the travel back from Switzerland, I got to wondering if birds can get jet lagged from way too much travel? Does it take them a week or two to re acclimate themselves to their northern habitat? Just wondering. . .and still yawning!

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  1. Using this post to make my own hummingbird food this morning. Simple recipe, but I like to double-check.