Monday, May 26, 2014

One More Travel Day

Our trip to Switzerland ends with our travel day back to the U. S. today. While the tour group folks left on various flights yesterday, Ed and I chose to take a collapse day and do a reset. That means that Miss Wanda Jean here got lots of sleep yesterday. There was the ten hour overnight sleep, a good one, and a two hour nap. Sleep makes me into a new person, especially when away from home.

So today will be our travel day. After jaunting around Switzerland's highways and streets via a new motor coach (think seats that move into the aisles; clear, coated windows, funky tray tables), we commented that a few more hours jammed into plane seats will go by quickly.

The art work on today's blog is of the Munster Bridge in Zurich, a most lovely city and one that we would come back to in a heart beat.

Farewell, Switzerland. It's been good to get to know you and your people, and your magnificent pipe organs.

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