Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sleepy Day

The lilacs at Cedar Bluff are budded. The daffodils have faded. The gardens need weeding. But today was a sleepy day, kind of a recovery day after a long day of travel on Monday.

It was a 22 hour transatlantic travel run from Zurich, Switzerland to Michigan yesterday and today I'm time whacked. I did manage to do some laundry and make myself a meal or two, but every time I sat down to read a bit, I fell asleep.

The time zone difference between Switzerland and Michigan is six hours. My brain kept doing the math. By 9 am this morning, I was hungry for lunch. So I did the math and realized that my body was thinking "it's 3 pm and way beyond lunch."

Since gardens and plants are going to be late this year, I haven't missed too much. The lilacs will be out in a few days and there will be time to get geraniums planted and weed the garden beds. Meantime, I'm catching up on that elusive character that makes all of life better -- sleep.

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