Monday, May 12, 2014

Evening Walk in Zurich

Fraumunster on the bank of the River Limmat
Ed and I are on another grand Pipedreams trip, this one to hear organs in Switzerland. We took a red eye flight from Atlanta to Zurich last night. Today we got our bearings and then enjoyed a long evening walk with dinner along the River Limmat where we viewed several of the major church buildings as a part of the landscape.

Switzerland is six hours ahead of  Eastern Daylight Time and today's weather has been cold and damp. The plane trees along the river took our eye. We regularly visit the giant plane trees on the campus at Michigan State. Zurich's plane trees arch out over the river in graceful branching sweeps. Botanically the European plant trees are related to the American plane trees, also know as sycamores in the U.S.

Zurich has lots of great shops. These polka dot flats would be really cool for summer. Yes, that's the price tag that you see -- 199 Swiss Francs, or about $225 US Dollars. Switzerland has its own currency, so we won't be seeing the Euro here like we saw in Spain a year ago.

Not to leave out my guy friends, here is pair of green and white striped men's shoes with matching socks. Wow, very stylish.

And just to refresh memories about where Switzerland is, here's a map of central Europe. Today we are hearing lots of German being spoken. Within a few days we will be on the French speaking western side of Switzerland. What I'm looking forward to is the areas where chocolate is spoken! We've had a bit of chocolate and cheese already and if the first tastes are any indicator of what is to come, we are in for some good food.

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