Friday, May 16, 2014

Colorful Pipedreams Day

Day 4: Pipedreams Tour in Switzerland

Pipedreams travel can be quite colorful. Today's most colorful delight was the golden orange of the back walls in the sanctuary at Holy Trinity Church in Bern where we heard two organs played, including the Italian organ at the front of the church, an instrument that was built in 2008.

Yesterday's colorful highlight was the blue organ in the Jesuit Church at Porrentruy. The church is now used as a concert hall and the acoustics were sharp and specific to the tonalities of this organ. Some of us liked the blue casework on this organ, and some of us were not so sure that we would have chosen this color.

Ed and I spotted this pink trombone while window shopping and strolling the streets in Bern at supper time today. At first I thought it might be a spray painted window decoration, but it was a brand new trombone.

And for today's final color, here are the erdbeeren that I had for dessert tonight. My mother always commented that in German the word for strawberry, erdbeeren, means "earth berry." Mom, who grew up speaking German, thought that was appropriate since you crawl along the earth to pick strawberries.

From orange church walls, to a blue organ, to a pink trombone, and red strawberries, Pipedreams travel is colorful. And the strawberries tasted good, too!

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