Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Viva, La Worm!

Baby Caleb, two months old, did not miss a beat when his "big brother" cousin Max showed up with a worm this past weekend.

Peeking out from under his monkey blanket, Caleb had that look of "oh boy, I can hardly wait to go worm hunting with you, Max" on his face. Caleb's dad didn't miss a beat either, as as discussion ensued about how the worm got into Max's hand and then into the house and about how the worm might not survive the heat and would enjoy returning to the back yard.

As the sixty plus grandmother observing the whole worm thing (dirt so near a newborn, plus a worm), I look back on my days of raising kids. Especially around babies, we were so unnecessarily germ phobic.

Not so today. Max was invited to take the worm back outside. Caleb survived without any histrionics from the adults and the world kept on turning.

Viva, La Worm!

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