Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tiny Kinglet

This tiny bird, a kinglet, showed up at the lake house today. I heard something "thunk" a window and figured that it might be a bird. The flies have been congregating on the east side of the house in the sun, and the birds love to pick at the flies and eat them.

Stunned and silent, but breathing and moving ever so slightly, the bird lay on the pavers for several minutes. It's beak was open, feet limp, eyelid partially visible. Within several minutes it righted itself and I was able to get some great photos of this tiny creature which I identified as a golden-crowned kinglet.

With its olive gray coloring and bright yellow and orange markings, this bird is a tiny marvel of color and nature.

How tiny? You can see the bird within the circle in this photo. It might have been 3-4 inches, a little bigger than an adult hummingbird.

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