Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Adolescent Vultures

While driving through windmill country today I came upon a trio of turkey vultures who must have been on spring break from vulture high school. These dudes thought that they had the right of way and were camped out in the middle of the road where they were dueling for scraps of dead animal.

I was driving my Chevy Volt in electric mode, so they didn't hear me (or didn't care) approach. I got quite close to them before they decided that maybe they were no match for a human in a vehicle.

Two of them took off first; then the third one headed out, flying right up the center line of Parisville Road. One vulture had mottled colored feathers, indicative of a young bird. I figured that all three of them were adolescents who hadn't had the fear of the Great Vulture God struck into them yet.

They were pretty sure that they owned the road and settled back to fight over the leftovers.

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