Friday, April 18, 2014

To The Light

I've always had a hard time with the Christian observance of Holy Week. In particular, on Good Friday it seems like the band of sisters and brothers is acting out the old, old stories of strife and crucifixion, without any attention paid to the end of the story, that of a glorious morning with an empty tomb.

So, Lent and Holy Week came across as depressing, withdrawn, and even austere.

John Vessels, Louisville area actor and musician, said on Facebook this morning that "the most valuable lesson of Good Friday might just be, "It's going to be okay.""

Well said. That looking toward the light, toward the positive, toward the end of the story where things will be okay, moves the thinking forward to Easter morning. Like this dove peering from its nest tucked in a very prickly cactus, I'm mostly inclined to believe that things will be okay.

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