Friday, April 25, 2014

Smushed Plants

I'm sure that other people pack crazy things in their luggage when they travel. I know that I do.

Coming back from Arizona this past week, I had four pieces of cheese and two pots of herbs in my rollabout bag. The herbs looked so tempting when we shopped on our last day in Arizona. "Gee, Ed, I could get those in my bag," I commented as I planned how to pack the the pots of basil and parsley.

The plants are potted in soft peat pots, so I wrapped a wet paper towel around the pot, pulled a plastic grocery bag around each one, and stuffed them into zip top bags. Sealed at the top with air trapped in the bag, the pots of herbs arrived safe and sound.

The plants were smushed, but after a bit of water and some light, they recovered. The result is some luscious scrambled eggs and salads with fresh herbs. Mmmm.

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